TW Cake&Bakery

TW Cake&Bakery with the good craftsmanship and perfect taste, the brand has been in operation for more than ten years, and there are more than ten shops in Malaysia.

Why Choose Cashcow?

For many chain stores, it is difficult to manage and control the report data of each shop. The data of report will be easily confused and the headquarters will lose control of the stores. Cashcow POS chain system with perfect chain control system. The headquarters can create a new menu with one click and assign it to all stores. The products of each store can be unified when the stores are logged in with one click. At the same time, the report data of each store can be summarized and viewed. The headquarters only needs to log in the general account in front of the computer, and the operation situation of each store will in hand. When customizing the marketing activities every month, headquarters can make data statistics and analysis, and make better activities for stores. Cashcow POS chain system, is a good helper for chain headquarters.