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Scan Ordering

  • Scan Ordering Tools for growing business.
  • Dine-In scan ordering with fixed table number: Least staff needed to help ordering, which means least labor cost.
  • Self-Pickup scan ordering: There’s no longer a exhausted waiting line in front of cashier.
  • Online Shop with delivery service: Share your online shop QR Code through SNS, show yoru attractive item image and customer can place order online directly.
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Cashcow Online Order helps the shop to obtain more orders. The shop owner said: Customers can’t stop ordering after scanning the QR code.

1. Online Order paltform improve sales by providing a tool to gather recurring sales from customers.
2. Its QRCode attracts your customers to come back, it could help the take-away service.
3. It expands your business scope because your customers could order at home.

In all, Online Order unlimits the time and zone through by using the QRcode order for help the owner to get more sales.

Phone order will bring in more customers, and it will bring in more income for owner. More customers can eat our food since we used the phone order, thanks for Cashcow, the owner said.

1. Phone order help shop to get orders from customers who don’t want to go out for.
2. Phone Order could get recurring orders by collecting customer information, e.g name, gender, phone order, address details. We could call back customer to ask for recurring orders easily.
3. Phone Order reduces the workload greatly for cashier and improves the efficiency of ordering food for customer

In all, Phone Order brings more orders and attracts recurring customer to order again.

Our slogan is more business but less cost. Dine-in Scan order through save serving time and self-service place order reduce the most of labor cost.

1. Customer can scan QR code to order easily without asking the waiter ‘s help, which reduces the waiting time of customers and saves the human cost of the owner.
2. Enhance the dining experience, all menu displays through web pages, also can sets up special categories to help customers choose dishes, like chef recommend, new products and so on.
3. Allows customers to track their orders and modify the selection, Reduces service costs and mistakes.

In all, Dine-in Scan order help the shop reduce the most of labor cost and enhance the experience for customer.

Mobile and tablet ordering APP. The waiter’s good helper. Through the ordering APP, the waiter can order and check at any time and anywhere orders can be processed at same time, save time, improve efficiency, avoid mistake and increase turnover rate.

1. Cashcow multi-device orderding system App support tablet and mobile phone, waiter can carry the device to service each table, multiple device through cloud server keep order’s consistent
2. Help restaurants avoid mistakes when they’re busy

In all, Cashcow help you get more turnover through slove many problem during the rush time and increase turnover rate

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