POS System Integration

  • Payment Integration: Our POS system do support Alipay&Wechat pay for Chinese、iPay88 for Malaysia、Global Payment for Canada, etc…There maybe another payment popular in your nation, we can help to do integration.
  • Hardware Integration: Various models of scanner、printer and scale, etc…
  • Support mobile phone payment, credit card payment, bank card and so on, mobile payment is simpler.
  • The easiest way to accept payments and run a business. Cashcow POS software integrate the mobile payments greatly reduce the time of checkout, improve the accuracy and security of checkout.
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Payment integration for attracting customer traffics

In recent years, WeChat Pay, AliPay, Gkash, Ipay88, Global payment, Ovo, GoPay and much more incoming mobile payments brings in the change of payment habits.
Mobile payments will help attract more customer traffic by the incentive from the mobile payment companies. CashCow integrates WeChat Pay, AliPay, Ovo(integrating), GoPay(integrating) seamless with the business processes.

In all, mobile payment help you get the customer whatever payment method they want to use.

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