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  • POS Software Settlement: Quickest settlement is what CashCow pursues and insist to do. We try to reduce steps and make the user interface very easy to use. A 14-years-old son could learn how to settle in 2 minutes by simple introduction by his father. And the easiest way to accept payments and run a business
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Flexible table management system, open table, split table, transfer table, combine table, business model changes freely.

1. Cashier can check the shop’s situation more directly and arrange guests more efficiently.
2. Create Dine-in Area and specific Area support open table, combine table, transfer table, split table on rush time.
3. It gives managers the tools to turn tables faster and reduce errors.

In all, table management is a system that restaurants use to efficiently manage guests through the entire dining experience.

POS Software Settlement: Small and medium-sized businesses really need to understand the importance of promotional and marketing strategies. Cashcow support set up various types of promotions, to help the owner increase brand awareness, increase customer traffic, quick decision making, build sales and profits.

1. According to the sales situation of the store, set up  different promotion plans to help the store increase sales.
2.Support Storewide Discount, reduce price, special order, Buy&free, and free gift

In all,  promotion is a good tool to help stores operate better and better.

POS Software Settlement: What can owner do if a client wants to go Dutch, use a calculator? Now no need anymore, Cashcow’s Split bills function can be choose by pax or by item, all customers requirements for go Dutch can be slove prefect.

Cashcow POS software integrate the mobile payments greatly reduce the time of checkout, improve the accuracy and security of checkout.

1. POS Software Settlement: Various Payment Method: cash, member card, user-defined payment, mobile payment and so on.
2. Final receipt with full info, includeds shop info, item list, discount and payment details, tax details. Customer can check the receipt easily.

In all, payment help you get the customer whatever payment method they want to use.

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