Clothing Shop

Cashcow software provide accurate inventory management and create new product fastest for Clothing shop. More accurate costs provide accurate operating report. The owner can check the sales report on real time at anywhere and any time.

Value Points

Value point 1: Shop owner can create new product on their mobile phone and also can check sale report.

Value point 2: Reduce the workload of store management, different sizes and colors are available for the same item, support item picture help cashier choose correct item.

Value point 3: Complete promotion features such as buy three get one free, variety discount and free gift to help clothing shop impove sales.

Value point 4: Membership plan.

It’s a great way to recoup funds and increase customer’s loyalty, through top up, points deduction, member price and member dicsount obtain more customer.


In all, Cashcow is your best choose for Clothing shop.



Sammi is a mother of two children, her dream is open a children’s clothing shop. Now the dream is came ture, she told us, thanks for the  Cashcow. She bought the Cashcow when start prepare the shop.

Why Choose Cashcow?

She bought the Cashcow when start prepare open the shop and we do some training for Sammi on online about how use the system. Cashcow clothing shop version support the owner create new product on their mobile phone and also can check sale report on phone, this function help Sammi saves some time to spend with her children.

Promotion, member ship and so on all these functions help Sammi running the shop easier and more better.

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