Full-Service Restaurant
Targeted Restaurants: Chinese food, western food, seafood, bar, hot pot.

Cashcow Full-Service Restaurant support the all-self-service ordering mode and table management, Mobile and tablet ordering APP. The waiter’s good helper. Through the ordering APP, the waiter can order and check at any time and anywhere orders can be processed at same time, save time, improve efficiency, avoid mistake and increase turnover rate.

Value Points

Value point 1: Full self-service mode help restaurants handle more orders and save labor cost, can Order by customer themselves,free your staff, free the paper menu.

Value point 2: Full table management.

It gives managers the tools to turn tables faster and reduce errors. In all, table management is a system that restaurants use to efficiently manage guests through the entire dining experience.

Value Point 3: Smart Kitchen.

Variety format of Kitchen Receipt, support range print for different kitchen area, like main food, snack food and drinks.


In all, Cashcow Full-Service Restaurants help owner management shop more easier through full self-service


Tom Yam Koong

Tom Yam Koong, Thai food in Myanmar,a restaurant with a large area which is more than 100 square meters in Myanmar. The boss of the restaurant has to hire many waiters because there are so many customers every day. However, the cost of waiters is very expensive. Therefore, the Cashcow POS can provide an excellent solution to solve this problem.

Why Choose Cashcow?

High efficiency and low cost. The time of ordering and the error rate in the ordering process can be reduced by using the Cashcow Tablet and mobile ordering. For the restaurant, the waiters just click the screen to accept the order and then prepare the food in the order, so the efficiency can be improved. There is no need to hire so many waiters when using Cashcow to service the restaurant, and the cost can be reduced too. For the customers, they just use Cashcow in there cellphone and order the food, then just wait to feed. This can accelerate the ordering efficiency and improve their satisfaction.Since Cashcow has been used in the Tom Yam Koong, the business has become better and better.

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